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About Antle

Hi there, this is Antle. Antle
Antle is an insect alien hybrid who took a vacation. A vacation on planet Earth.
The planet looked so peaceful from space.
Like a little blueish coruscating gem in the darkness of the great empty.
But Antle soon learned the gem in space was not as it seemed.

While humans take pictures of sights and interesting places, Antle's people communicate via music - so he wrote some songs to tell his folks where he went and how he felt.


is the document
of Antle's journey
and a journal
of his experiences
on Earth.

Yves Eichhorn

Antle is given life by Yves Eichhorn.
Yves is a musician, composer, writer, artist.
Currently, he is living in Leipzig, the city of his birth, also the city where J. S. Bach composed his masterpieces.

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