tone pitches the wicked

    Dodonpa- Gnome Monk theme (WoW, MoP)

cc 3.0
Celebrating the World of Warcraft universe with fanmade music / video.

A song I wrote to honour all the gnome monks out there. You can download this song and the whole Antle - EP for FREE (MP3 or FLAC quality), just click ANTLE.
Of course you could also download the whole EP from my bandcamp: ANTLE - Dodonpa EP. It's up to you! Since I published this mini album under the CC 3.0 license feel free to use the music for your project, but don't forget the attribution!
Just in case you wondered: yes, it's a female lead vocal... Since my monk is of Japanese origin, I followed the long tradition of japanese anime hero-character synchro for the song. Considering the size of my gnome...
I thought it was just deep enough a voice to be credible. ;)
    Advertisement Song: Fenster-Pille GmbH - "Pille baut das Fenster ein"
songs of advertisement

I composed the song after the exact wishes of the customer. Never having covered this kind of music style before made this job an exciting opportunity.

Check out their website: Fenster Pille GmbH. They provide all imaginable services concerning doors & windows - and their prices are fair!
The customer really liked the humorous approach I chose for the video.
    XCOM - Battlescape music (fanmade)

cc 3.0
Celebrating the XCOM universe with fanmade music / video.

I have been a fan of the XCOM series since the beginning. Played it like mad as a kid. The gameplay, music and atmosphere had a tremendous impact on me. I tried to capture this mood, especially "Terror From The Deep", with this ambient synthesizer track.
The video features gameplay scenes from Firaxis' XCOM - Enemy Unknown.
    Haunting Darkness: eyes in the dark - scary ambient music

cc 3.0
scary, gloomy ambient music

Instrumental piece featuring acoustic guitars and some samples. A kind of sound experiment where I used several guitars in different tuning - result is haunting...
Imho the music would fit well in some subtle horror movies or scary video game scenes. If you want to use it for your project, please go ahead since I published this piece under the CC 3.0 license.
Eyes...eyes in the dark!!
    Daggerfallesque: scary dungeon music

cc 3.0
Celebrating the Elder Scrolls universe with fanmade music / video.

My tribute to Bethesda's masterpiece DOS game Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Inspired by Daggerfall's marvellous soundtrack, I grabbed my guitar and began composing. I tried to capture the mood of the dungeon music pieces, which were midi tunes and therefore digital, whereas my song is purely acoustic, with a few effects.
Video is making use of footage from my latest Daggerfall-playthrough.
    Tabojin & Tamojin promo video
Celebrating the WoW universe with fanmade music / video.

Another promo video from the album SCHEME LAND: available on CDBaby. This song marks my little World of Warcraft troll shaman tribute, heavily influenced by Indian music. (which I love too!)
The shaman song, man!
    Mind Police promo video
Mind Police was the first single from the album "Scheme Land" which is available now on itunes and CDBaby. This was the first song I finished for SCHEME LAND. It is rather low-fi, could be intentional. Keep in mind this recording was done with a Tascam DR-1 Home Recorder & mixing was done in Adobe Audition (after de-hiss, de-noise, quality enhancings etc.)
A song about awakening. When you realize Orwell's fantasy was an understatement...
    Zelda: Link's Awakening - Face Shrine Remix (dungeon 6)

cc 3.0
My first remix. I tried to keep it simple.

The face shrine of the GameBoy game Zelda: Link's Awakening was perhaps the most notorious dungeon in terms of difficulty but the music theme was great. Creating the song and the video was a lot of fun.
You can also download the remix here.
    Ascendancy - OST restoration

My attempt to restore the Ascendancy (DOS game) Soundtrack. The original files were 16bit mono wave files (176kbit/s, 11khz), and many of them were garbled with background hum & noise & occasional crackle when I extracted them from the original game data (cob-files). Never had a problem with it all those years ago, but with better audio equipment came the need for audio quality improvement. So I tried my best to reduce the noises and eliminate the crackle. I then aimed to make the audio sound more stereo while converting to 320kbit/s & 48khz.

The videos feature a lot of gameplay scenes and the different ship designs & characteristics for each race. Thanks to Marcel for this! :D
    Ink Spots & Fallout - 'T Ain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do
The Ink Spots doing an old Bessie Smith number (1936). Upon discovering the tune recently I just had to restore it. Said and done: reduced the hiss & noise & crackle as much as possible without spoiling the old record's charm. Then I improved stereo field by enhancing the left channel audio, as it was kinda weird in the original recording, that you can find here for comparison:

CLICK (Thanks for providing this gem!)
For the video I drew from a lot of sources, mainly Bethesda's Fallout Trailers & IGN Teasers of Obsidian's (excellent) Fallout New Vegas. I may also have Fallout 1 intro bits in it.

cc 3.0
Celebrating the Diablo universe with fanmade music / video.

Diablo's OST is superb. With "Diabloesque" my goal was to keep the original dark and gothic feeling of Matt Uelmen's inspiring soundtrack. Acoustic & electric guitars, as well as a few synthesizers and samples create a dark carpet of sound for you to enjoy. The recording was done using a Tascam DR-1 Home Recorder, Mixing was done in Adobe Audition (after de-hiss, de-noise, quality enhancings etc. - this took some time)
Obviously the path of a new sorceress in a new ladder season is depicted. Building upon the best Diablo 2 Trailer Blizzard made (imho) and some pics / vids of my Sorci, I also used a lot of pictures from deviant-artists.